For the Teacher Who Develops the Dancer

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A virtual community and membership of like-minded dance educators, studio owners, administrators and artists who strive to continually develop professionally as individuals, dancers, and teachers. 

Hello, I’m Audra

Dance Educator & MFA with

15+ Years of Professional Experience.

The Dance Educator Resource community is created with the intent for all dance educators to continue their professional and personal development as a dancer and educator. This is housed under Audra Allen Dance LLC, a virtual dance center where live, online dance lessons are taught and Audra offers virtual dance business coaching. TDER community is also virtual, so you can take live masterclasses, join in Q&A sessions and complete self-paced courses all from your space. This helps those who are not able to attend dance conferences and/or just want to regularly stay connected to fellow educators with the same goals of improving themselves and their students. This IS the right choice for you to continue improving as a dancer and educator both for your students and the dance community as a whole. So much value will be given in content, connections, and self-growth. 

The Benefits of Joining TDER

Refueling yourself so you feel more energized in your business and classes

Content to supplement your dance classes so you don’t have to work as hard

Mental health support and growth for you and your students

Leveling up and being a better version of yourself each month

Frequent intimate interaction with professionals to supercharge your growth and propel you forward during this time 

Tips on how to not only survive but thrive with your business and teaching

Some Course Topics That Will Be Covered

Specialized Dance History

Teaching With A Positive Body Image

Dance Anatomy 101

 Importance of Cross-Training

Dance Improvisation:How To Teach It

 Physical, Mental & Emotional Balance

Finding Neutral Alignment

Strengthening For Dancers

Flexibility Done Safely

Ways to Teach To Different Types of Learners

What You Get When Joining TDER

New Self-Paced Course Each Month ($350+ value)

Live, Virtual Dance Masterclass Each Month ($299 value)

1 Mastermind Each Month ($99 value)

1 Live Q&A With An Expert Each Month ($99+ value)

Editable Workbooks and Downloads For Your Students

Private Facebook Group With Frequent Exclusive Content.

The Investment