Teaching Dance Online – Interview with Virtual Dance Business Coach Audra Allen


by Dance Geek Youtube Channel



COVID-19 Prep: How To Take Classes and Rehearsals Online with Audra Allen 

by Dance Boss Podcast

“With schools closing because of COVID-19, I want to support those who will have a hard time transitioning into virtual classes. In this episode I share a Facebook Live with Audra Allen for Dance Boss University. We talk strategy, tips, and perspective on how to go virtual with technique classes, assignments, and rehearsals.”

Shifting Your Dance Education Journey with Audra Allen

by Dance Boss Podcast

“Is shift easy for you? How do you know when it’s time to make a change? On today’s episode, Audra Allen talks about accepting change, not only with her dance career, but with her family, and her business. We also talk about what makes a good educator, building a dance brand, and so much more.”

Confident AF Masterclass Interview

by Vicky Lincoln Coaching

“I believe you deserve the unwavering self-love and confidence to live the life you really want. And I believe you should NEVER have to settle. Even a little.”

Mardi Gras, with Choreographer Audra Allen

by In The Mix Podcast             

Audra discusses a bit of the history of this festival with me, but she also does a good job of explaining to this mardi gras neophyte what it’s all about, how choreographed dance ties into the festivities and her work with the Nawlins Nymphs. We also discover just how similar this US festival and my Caribbean island carnival really is.