Frequently Asked Questions

What is Audra Allen Dance?

Audra Allen Dance is a safe space for anyone with a body, who wishes to further their dancing abilities. Both private lessons and dance classes are offered live and remotely, online so it is all done within the comfort of your home or chosen location. This is different than the other online dance classes offered because it is not prerecorded and each lesson/class is taught live as if you were in the same dance studio, receiving individual feedback to help you progress further.

What is The Dance Educator Resource?

TDER is a membership based virtual community, for all dance educators of any professional experience and style. TDER features monthly, self-paced courses with workbooks and downloads. 2 live Q&A’s (valued at $99) and a live, virtual masterclass for you to take in your own dance space (valued at $299) is included with your monthly membership, as well as an exclusive FB community for support from your colleagues and so much more!

Do you really believe that anyone with a body can dance?

I truly do. There are so many different ways our body can move and be expressive and any body can discover how to do that. So maybe you have one or more physical challenges? No problem! Let’s figure out together how to still achieve your goals and be creative in the process! I know you can do it, so let’s do it together!

Do I need to have previous dance experience?

No previous dance experience is expected or required! In fact, if you are interested in starting dance but may be a little intimated to start taking classes at your local dance studio, this is a great way to prepare for it! And if you do have previous dance experience, that’s great too. I can help you with your personal goals and aid you with increasing your dance technique, artistry and overall abilities as a dancer.

What ages do you teach?

My professional teaching career includes truly beginner to professional level dancers, and all ages from toddlers to adults.

What styles of dance do you teach?

I teach many dance techniques and styles from ballet, pointe, modern, jazz, contemporary, tap, musical theatre, African, body conditioning, stretching, anatomy and more! 

I really don't have any dance experience at all / I have two left feet. Can I do this?

As a dancer, dance teacher and dance enthusiast I’ve heard all the reasons in the book that keep people away from dance lessons. Think that dance teachers all scream and shout? That learning dance is only for kids? That every dance lesson is full of stick-thin girls all wearing matching leotards and doing the splits? That you need to have rhythym to dance? I’ll help show you how we can work with where you are at right now, and how we can improve upon that while also staying true to your abilities. This is your starting point. It will only improve from here.

OK, so you offer live online classes I can do at home, I get that. But isn't it better just to go to a real class?

Yes, in many ways it is. This structure of online affords you the flexibility to work with your availability, and also if you travel a lot. It also allows those who may feel intimated and shy stepping into a dance studio the first time, to gain that confidence needed by practicing from the comfort of their own home now. This is always a great way to supplement your training you may already be building.

How do I know which style of dance I should try?

For some, this is an easy answer because they may have been dreaming of dancing a certain style since they were a little kid. Or they started to dance as a kid, miss it and want to come back to it as a teen or adult in life. Others know they just like to dance but don’t know much more than that. The two most common forms of dance to start with as a true beginner are ballet and/or tap. It’s not required you start with either of these, they are just more popularly selected. Of course, other dance styles can be pursued as well. What are you envisioning doing when you picture yourself dancing?

What is the difference between a lesson and a class?

A lesson is a one-on-one session with Audra Allen remotely. A class is when there are multiple students taking the class remotely.

Do you only teach online or do you teach in person as well?

I currently am focusing on teaching online, but also teach at a local university in their dance program and regularly teach master classes and substitute teach at various dance schools.

Do you choreograph remotely online too?

Yes, I do! It’s been a fun journey to explore this new way to choreograph and work with dancers remotely and it is doable! Let’s talk if you are interested in going this route!

Are you willing to travel to teach and/or choreograph in person?

I am, and I do. Email me so we can talk more about what you are looking for and to figure out logistics.

Are the classes pre-recorded or live?

Currently all dance classes and private lessons are live, in real-time. Any education classes like Dance Anatomy or Choreography 101 are prerecorded.

What time zone are you in, and do I need to be in the same time zone to dance with you online?

I currently live in New Orleans, Louisiana and in the Central Time zone, or CST. You do NOT need to live in the same time zone as I do! I have many clients who live in other time zones, no problem!

How long is each private lesson?
I offer many different lengths of private lessons. 60 minutes is my most popularly scheduled length of time for private lessons. 30, 45 and 90-minute lessons are also available. 

Do I need to commit to a certain length of time or a certain amount of classes/lessons?

When signing up for private lessons, it is asked that you commit to 3 months of lessons of either 1 hour a week or 1 hour bi-weekly.

How do we find a time to schedule my private lesson?

After you complete the onboarding process, I will let you know my availability and we then confirm a time that works for both of us.

Is there ever a chance to present or perform a dance when taking a class with you online?

Yes! If doing private lessons and you’d like me to choreograph a solo for you to present, we would incorporate that into the lesson time and also schedule a private, Live Facebook event to invite those you’d like to share this performance with. That way the idea of it still being accessible remotely and online is true and those you want to share it with can attend if they can not be there in person.

What technical equipment and technology is required to dance with you online?

For the online lesson/class to be successful, you need to have access to fast wifi. The software Zoom is used to communicate/dance in real-time. It is free and all lessons/classes are done using this software. A device like a laptop or iPad/tablet is recommended more than a phone just for ease of seeing the instructor clearly because the screen is bigger.

What if I don't have access to a dance studio to take your class or private lesson?

No worries! This all started from my home in an empty room with hardwood floors, and my clients typically are dancing in their homes when doing private lessons. What you need is an open space that is carpet/rug free that you can at least extend your leg out to the front, side and back without any obstruction. If tap dancing, make sure the flooring won’t get scratched or damaged from the possibility of a screw sticking out of the bottom of the shoe.

Do I have to wear certain clothes and/or shoes?

I do ask that you wear fitted, athletic style clothing so you have ease of movement and that I can also see your body to give feedback. In regards to shoes, depending on what style or technique of dance you are taking, we will discuss the shoes for that. Specialized shoes are not always needed right away, but can become a preferred option once classes/lessons get going.

What payment formats do you accept?

I only accept payments electronically, through the payment system on my site supported by Stripe, a protected and well-known option for online businesses.

What is your cancellation policy?
Private Lessons:
If the client needs to cancel a private lesson and gives more than 24 hours notice: 1) a make-up lesson is scheduled within the next two weeks while continuing on with the regular lesson schedule 2) If the make-up lesson is not able to be rescheduled within two weeks of the lesson being canceled by the client, then the lesson is just canceled and no refund is given. If the client needs to cancel a private lesson and gives less than 24 hours notice: no refund is given and the lesson is not rescheduled.
The teacher reserves the right to cancel a private lesson at any time if necessary due to unforeseen circumstances. If the teacher needs to cancel a private lesson and gives more than 24 hours notice: 1) a make-up lesson is scheduled within the next two weeks while continuing on with the regular lesson schedule.
Do you have to pay for it all upfront or do you offer payment plans?

Payment must be paid monthly for private lessons/classes and must be paid in full by the 7th of each month. An invoice will be sent via email with electronic payment options given. In extreme cases, an alternative payment plan may be discussed.

I really want to do this, but I am a broke college student. Do you offer any kind of payment plan for someone in my situation?

Yes! I do work with college students and we discuss what you think is financially feasible and figure out from there how to make it work. It is unique to each situation. Please reach out to me so we can discuss your options!