Are you ready to become the best version of yourself by leveling up in your dance business, accomplishing goals and moving closer to your vision?

The Business Academy for Dancers is a 3-month group coaching program designed to holistically help you overcome setbacks, dive deep into your business and scale to new heights you didn’t deem obtainable. 


It is hard finding a business coach who has knowledge of the dance and creative world, let alone experience in it. You’ve come to the right place and just the right person who can speak to that and more.

Audra understands that your business is a part of who you are, and that you have sacrificed so much to make it happen. Your clients are not just customers, they are so much more.

Getting to know you and your unique business is the first step and key to Audra’s coaching model. She makes sure to customize a strategy and put into place a plan specific to you, your business and your goals. Your dreams can and will become a reality when you utilize Audra’s coaching services. 

When you receive coaching and guidance from Audra, you also experience her MFA, being a college professor, 20+ years of teaching (2+ of that online, live), professional training and performance, co-artistic director of a dance company, creative entrepreneur and business owner and her success of helping 30+ studios and organizations world wide not only keep their businesses open during this time, but thrive.

Are you ready to get back in alignment with your creative self, see your vision come to life and become the thriving business you envision because of your hard work, dedication and guidance from a passionate and experienced coach?  

The Benefits of Working with Audra

Working with someone who has coached 100+ dance businesses around the world to not only survive, but thrive during the pandemic 

Personalized plan and guidance to successfully and sustainably accomplish your goals and vision

Receiving Audra’s unique experience owning a virtual dance business that started in 2018, and learning all the steps she already figured out

Regular intimate group coaching or 1:1 calls to gently be held accountable while also leaning new skills

A like-minded business owner, who has 30 years of dance experience and knows the art form and industry intimately

A holistic approach. Personal and professional are both addressed and to guarantee growth and success

See What Clients Are Saying

About Working With Audra

The Business Academy for Dancers has been a lovely weekly check-in that helps keep me focused and motivated with my business. Audra has helped me process and move through resistance concerning a few tasks that have been on my to-do list for far too long. She’s provided tools, resources, and starting points for moving forward on a number of issues. She’s really open to feedback and is willing to personalize her offerings to help meet your needs.


Circus Sanctuary , Arizona USA

 Audra has a warm and focused approach to her coaching sessions and spent the time to learn about my business and how we operate before working with me on a plan to move forward. I felt fully supported throughout the process and after each session I felt calmer and more positive and started to sleep again. Her help has been invaluable and myself and my staff are truly grateful.


Vital Movement Studios, Australia

I like the personalized attention and support I received from Audra and her Business Academy for Dancers. She gave me tools that would work best for me and my small business which includes mindset work, goal setting, setting boundaries, finance and accounting, business and social media systems, and more. This was a welcoming and safe space for creatives and small business owners. I have met like-minded people in this group who are also supportive and genuine. They were open to give feedback to help me and my journey as a small business owner.


NW Dance Arts, Washington USA

Audra validates the things I’m doing well. She reminds me of the things I used to do well but might have slipped a little in, and she encourages me to do new things out of my comfort zone that let me grow. She is very help and organized!


Penguin Digital, Colorado

Sampling of the 15+ Topics Covered in the Academy

Social Media- How to use it for your business, audits of what you have, content creation and how to automate it

Mindset Work – Shifting into thinking like the CEO of your business and how to set boundaries to find a balanced life

Systems- Finding ways to automate mundane tasks and the backend so you can focus on your strengths while still running smoothly

Hight Ticket Offer – Niching down to the best offer and money making aspect of your business, and how to promote it to your ideal client

Branding- Not just imagery, but finding the best way to show up for your ideal client, and be uniform in your messaging across the board

Legal and Financial- Making sure you are taking all the right steps to protect yourself and your business to give you peace of mind to do what you do best

Frequently Asked Questions

When Do The Meetings Happen

The members of the Academy will determine the best day/time to meet. And if more than one group calls need to be scheduled so everyone can meet during one of the times, that is an option as well.

Do You Offer Payment Plans

Yes! Customized payment plans are completely an option, and should not be the reason to hold you back from achieving your goals and dreams.

My Business Idea Is Pretty Unique, Is This The Right Place To Learn It

Absolutely! There will be a wide variety of businesses in the Academy, and you will each get to learn and grow from each other while working on your own with my guidance.

Why Should I Join This Program Vs A Different One

The intimate group setting allows you to learn and grow from others while still receiving personalized attention and not getting lost in a large crowd. Your coach also lives within the dance world and intimately knows your struggles and your art form.

A Few More Happy Clients

Audra helped me realize my value as a studio owner and as a dance instructor. She helped me…to release guilt I was having regarding charging tuition for virtual classes and all of the additional service my studio is currently offering. I will absolutely continue using her as my main resource for guidance and inspiration during this time.


Elevation Academy of Dance, Colorado USA

Audra has a positive, supportive & warm personality and genuinely wants to help people.


The Revolution Dancer, London UK

Audra is patient and a good teacher. She took time explaining things to me, offering suggestions but letting me make my own choices. She never made me feel “ignorant.” She expertise helped me with the technology support I needed for my changing dance business in the light of the Corona Virus.


Dance With Dawn, USA

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