Meet Audra

Audra identifies as a creative entrepreneur as she builds this new dance model of live, online dance classes, private lessons, master classes and choreography gigs. She is adjunct dance faculty at the University of Southern Mississippi, guest teaches regionally, was Director of Dance at the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts for 4 years, adjunct dance faculty at Northwestern State University for 2 years, Co-Artistic Director of Dance For A Cause and has danced for 30 years and taught dance for 15.

Most recently Audra has performed in a music video for New Orleans vocalist Cristina Perez, with the Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts, as a guest artist with Hub Dance Collective, presented a solo at NOLA Dance Week: 2018, performed for David Taylor in Note Values and J. Lillian Gray in Jump. As a choreographer, Audra has presented her work nationally, including at Cangelosi Dance Project and American College Dance Association.

Audra received her MFA in dance, focusing on pedagogy and choreography and a College Teaching Certificate from the University of Arizona. She received her BA in Musical Theatre: Dance from Colorado Mesa University.

Audra has experienced multiple dance injuries when training pre-professionally and a few eating disorders as well. It is through these trials that she learned to love her body just as it is now and to embrace her health and all her body can do for her. She has also furthered her education in anatomy for dancers and injury prevention to help each person understand how to work with their unique abilities and challenges safely. Audra loves knowing she is inspiring others to love their bodies just the way they are, and achieve their goals in whatever capacity that is.

Audra is a single mom of two little humans and a cat and loves being the example to them of living your best life, pursuing your passions and doing what makes you happy. You can bet that there are a lot of dance parties in their home, and you may even see one or both pop in to say “hi” during your private lesson or class online with Audra.


“I strongly believe if you have a body, you can dance and I extend that belief into everything I do.”

Audra Allen

Vision & Mission Statement


To make dance* education and training accessible to everyone, online.

             *if you have a body, you can dance

Mission Statement

Audra Allen Dance offers the best quality dance education and training online, equivalent to what is offered in the dance studio in person, while staying passionate and focusing on each individual.


  • Any body shape, size, physical ability can dance.

  • Dance requires the whole body including mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Positive body image is key to successful dance training.

  • Inner confidence first and outer confidence will follow.

  • There is always something to learn about dance in relation to yourself.

  • Everyone is unique and therefore grows at different speeds.