AAD is a virtual dance center, housing many opportunities to achieve your dance goals including coaching on how to move your dance business to a virtual setting, joining The Dance Educator Resource membership based community, or taking live, dance lessons (private or group) online, from AAD’s dance space, to yours! 

Audra Allen, MFA, is a virtual dance business coach, creative entrepreneur, choreographer, educator, dancer and college professor based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her technical and artistic training in ballet, modern and jazz is the basis of her movement philosophy and rounds out with musical theatre, contemporary ballet and jazz, hip hop, flamenco, tap, African and more. Audra’s experience of running AAD virtually for over a year lends to her ability to quickly and confidently help dance educators transition to an online setting for short-term and long term success. 


Take Your Dance Journey To The Next Level

Business Coaching

The Dance Educator Resource

Live Dance Lessons Online

Business coaching focusing helping you confidently transition to or add the element of virtual dance classes. Whether a studio owner or freelance artist, I will help you find success in a way that makes sense for your situation when offering virtual dance classes live. 

TDER is a membership based site, for dance educators of all experience and styles. New, online dance and health education courses are offered monthly with workbooks and downloads. They can be taken at your own pace and are great supplemental tools to your professional teaching.

Live, private dance lessons and classes are offered online, from my dance space to yours. Technical training, conditioning, stretching and more options are done in real-time and with the same attention to detail and quality as if you were receiving this instruction in person in the studio.


What People Are Saying

“Not only is her (Audra’s) talent amazing, but she genuinely believes anyone with a body can dance. Her determination to continue dance education is admirable to say the least.”



“Working with Audra has been an amazing experience. She really makes the class a very positive confidence-building experience while also focusing on technical details. It’s apparent she has a lifetime of dance experience so I have been very fortunate to learn from a seasoned professional. All from home! Thanks Audra!”



“She is EXTREMELY knowledgeable about the human body and movement, and after stretching with her (virtual sessions) I feel like I’ve had a massage. Not lying. It’s worth the time and money – and is probably preventing me from spending more on doctors appointment and paid meds. If you need some deep stretching in your life, you NEED to set up sessions with Audra.”


Washington D.C.

“You’ve (Audra) helped inspire me to move & dance however I find I can in the moment and to no longer hold myself back from my bliss & joyful dancing rapture.”




Online Learning vs In-Person

Here you can differentiate the two types of services and learn more on how to successfully continue your dance training in the virtual setting. 

What is Audra Allen Dance?

Audra Allen Dance is a safe space for anyone with a body, who wishes to further their dancing abilities. Both private lessons and dance classes are offered live and remotely, online so it is all done within the comfort of your home or chosen location.

Are the classes pre-recorded or live?

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What is The Dance Educator Resource?

TDER is a membership based community for dance educators of all experience and styles. Monthly self-paced courses with workbooks, frequent live Q&A’s, and a virtual, live masterclass are offered as some of the benefits of doing TDER. 

What styles of dance do you teach?

Classical and contemporary ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, musical theatre, modern, conditioning, stretching, coaching for competitions and auditions and more!


Course Membership

Monthly training at your own pace, to fit your schedule.

Dance With Me

Remote private instruction with one-on-one “facetime” style interaction.

Ready to get started?

Join TDER to get started or go to the “Dance with me” page to schedule a one-on-one session.